Associate Professor,

Department of Physics and Centre for Advanced 2D Materials, NUS

Department of Biological Sciences and Center for BioImaging Sciences, NUS

Department of Materials Science and Engineering and NUS-NanoCore


Postdoctoral Researchers

Tanmay GHOSH

PhD-Physics (2016, Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata, India)


Wenhui WANG

PhD-Chemistry (2018, Peking University, Beijing, China)


PhD-Physics (2018, Technical University of Munic, Munich, Germany)




Yingying JIANG

PhD-Materials Science (2017, Zhejiang University, China)

Salim Kazzi

PhD-Microelectronics Eng. & Nanotechnology (2012, The Institute of Electronics, Microelectronics and Nanotechnology, University of Lille)

Research Fellow (2012-2013, MIT-NTU Alliance (SMART), Singapore)

Senior Materials Scientist (2013-2019, IMEC, BELGIUM)

Yifan CHEN

PhD-Chemistry (2020, Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing, China)

Graduate Students


Utkarsh ANAND

MS-Physics (2017, National University of Singapore)

PhD Student - Physics, NUS (2018-  )


Visiting PhD student from

IMEC and Vrije Universiteit Brussel


Hakimjon SAIDOV

BS (National University of Uzbekistan)

PhD Student - Physics, NUS (2018-  )

Research Assistant

Hongwei YAN

BS-Mathematics  (2019, NUS, Singapore)



B.Tech-Applied Electronics and Instrumentation

(2010, Dehradun Institute of Technology, India)


Dr. See Wee CHEE (currently group leader @ Fritz Harber Institut der Max Plank, Germany)

Mr. Zhaslan BARAISSOV  (currently Ph.D. student @ Cornell University, USA) 

Dr. Shu Fen TAN (currently postdoc @  MIT , USA)

Dr. Federico PANCIERA (currently staff scientist @ CNRS, France)


Dr. Jingyu LU (currently postdoc @ Cambridge University, UK)


Dr. Colm O'REGAN (currently postdoc @ KAUST, Saudi Arabia)


Dr. Guanhua LIN (Assoc Prof. @ Chinese Academy of Science)


Dr. Ermanno MIELE (currently postdoc @ Cambridge Univ., UK)

Dr. Zainul AABDIN (currently staff scientist @ Inst. for Materials and Research Eng., Singapore)

Dr. Li CHANG (@ Anhui University of Science and Technology)

Dr. Xiangwen LIU (currently faculty @ Tsinghua University, Beijing, China)

Mr. Gregory LYUBCHENKO (currently grad student @ Oxford University)

Mr. Jun ZHONG (currently grad student @ NUS)


Mrs. Lui QI (currently editor @ Shaanxi Normal University General Publishing House)